Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee cares for our neighbors and the environment through our activities, education, and advocacy to help create a more inclusive, just, and healthy community.

Through newsletter and newspaper articles, presentations, and lending library, we educate on:

    • Environment Care
    • People who are houseless
    • Bullying
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Peace and Justice
    • LGBTQ, African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, and Native American experiences

Through activities we support the local communities and protect the environment, for example:

    • Collect books, buttons, and crayons for SCARCE
    • Recycle empty oral care containers through Terracycle
    • Recycle soft plastic via Clean Up Give Back
    • Collect spent ink cartridges for proper recycling
    • Host Elk Grove Village Pride Celebration
    • Educate community on gardening, composting, water conservation, and healthy eating
    • Partner with Faith in Place on energy and climate
    • Member of Community Renewal Society
    • Member of Reconciling Ministries Network and Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches

Please join us in these endeavors!

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